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  • The reboot11 book is out

    February 26th, 2010, Posted by: Torben Olander

    293 pages of action packed reboot material for your pleasure and leisure

    Here's the impressive result of the volunteer editorial staff who worked their way through reboot11. Interviewing speakers and guest, gathering slides, illustrations and thoughts and collecting it all in to this eyepleaser of a book. 293 pages of action packed reboot material for your pleasure and leisure:

    Action is at Eleven can be download here

    Screen Version (46,9 mb)


  • reboot is rebooting and you?

    February 25th, 2010, Posted by: Torben Olander

    A letter from Thomas:

    dear rebooters,

    doing a reboot festival is always a lot of work - and after 5 years without a break in the kettlehall exploring human, models, free, renaissance and action it's time for a break. for me a year without the pressure of doing reboot along a couple of dayjobs (perhaps stopping those grey hairs from appearing as rapidly?), lot's of time to explore what should be next for reboot (to reboot reboot as some have said, would love your input) - and most importantly for all of us,...

  • reboot 11 is sold out

    June 20th, 2009, Posted by: Torben Olander

    However it is possible to get on the waiting list by following the Tickets for Reboot link

  • Proposals and Suggestions

    June 3th, 2009, Posted by: Torben Olander

    As the list of participants keep growing we have started to take a closer look at the program.

    So remember to keep us updated with your suggestions and proposals or browse through the ones that have already been made, add your comments or simply let others know that you like it.

    add images:
    When you create suggestions and proposals remember to add images. If you add an image it will automatically show up as part of the thumbnail.

  • Tickets at 250 € until midnight monday

    May 31th, 2009, Posted by: Torben Olander

    early bird is extended to midnight monday to allow the last to get the lowest price. about 400 participants at this point

  • reboot11 - the "action" edition

    happening june 25-26 in copenhagen, denmark.

    May 28th, 2009, Posted by: Torben Olander

    it's time to act, time to focus on the act of acting, time to figure out where to begin the reboot. reboot11 is two days away far from the status quo, two days with old and new friends trying to figure out how to reboot the world!

    this is a once in our lifetime opportunity, and so it could be the single most important reboot ever - because this year we're not in a world that thinks the status quo is working - it's not only the freaks at reboot that feel the need to reboot things. we're in times of change and systemic failure unlike anything we'll probably experience again in our lifetime. we've had visionary insights and reflections the last couple of years at reboot (renaissance, human and free - great journeys into t...

  • Pre reboot event

    June 5th, 2008, Posted by: Pernille Bach

    We are preparing a pre reboot10 party on 25 June in Copenhagen.

    The day before reboot10 kicks off - on Wednesday 25 June - we are preparing a social event for those of you all ready in town. Keep yourself updated here on the reboot blog for details.

  • I will be there!

    Put a reboot10 badge on your website and let others know that you'll be there

    June 4th, 2008, Posted by: katharina birkenbach

    katharina birkenbach -

    You want to put a badge on your website or blog? Then go ahead and serve yourself! (If you're in urgent need of a different size, you can ).

    Or make a bold statement! And use one of the following.
    (Don't forget to let the other users on this site know, that you'll come to reboot10!)

  • Buy your reboot ticket now!

    June 4th, 2008, Posted by: Pernille Bach

    We still have tickets left for reboot10. Remeber to buy your ticket before Friday 6 June when prices go up!

    From Saturday 7 June prices on reboot tickets go up and will be 350 euro each.
    Go to for more info.

  • Are you doing something of importance?

    How to free your mind on a Sunday

    May 30th, 2008, Posted by: Pernille Bach

    Pernille Bach -

    I was visiting Aarhus in Jutland some time ago. My boyfriend Simon's parents live there. It was sunday and he and I were bored. Sometimes you feel this slow sleepiness crawl into your head if around parents too many days in a row. We felt that. Sleepiness. So what do you do? We decided to do wood graffiti.

    We went to the basement of the house looking for tools. We needed a knife and a hammer. The parents asked "What are you doing?". We almost felt too sleepy to answer or maybe we just didn't want to risk being told off. Doing wood graffiti is not something parents necessarily understand.

    It took us about an hour to cut the letters into the bark. I know it's wrong to harm nature like we did when tattooing the tree. But it feel right at the time. While we stood there in the woo...

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