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Jodi Church-Wagner


I started blogging back in 1996 as a means of documenting my pregnancy and then the daily life of mom and child for family and friends far away. This was perhaps the beginning to what my life has become. I now work for construktiv GmbH in Berlin Germany, known to many as tinythoughts, Ms Wong (for my involvement in, and now as Miss (for my role in our newest project I am still a blogger over on, my new blog, which is now over 5 years old. I am interested in the behavior of people (online as well as off), blogging, micromedia, too much information, web conferences, hugs, and love. And how are you today?

Contact information / hard facts

  • comment in: a new logo for free?

    been there, done that ;-)

    Having been through a similar situation regarding the logo, where we, too, used crowdsourcing in creating and finding our new logo for ...

    Jodi Church-Wagner 17 May 08, 14:43