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About reboot

reboot is a community event focused on digital change and culture

reboot is the European meet up for the practical visionaries who are building tomorrow one little step at a time, using new models for creation and organization in a world where the only entry barrier is passion. reboot is two days in June filled with inspiration, good conversations and interesting people.

reboot is a place for people to come together once a year and reboot their minds with perspective, inspiration and relationships. Starting out in 1998 with a Danish focus the event has been turning more and more international throughout the years. In 2005 reboot turned truly European with 400 participants from more than 22 countries.

Who are the reboot heroes?

The mavericks that live the new ways and thereby lead and validate their possibilities. Programmers, designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, bloggers, and activists. People who are working every day to maximize their ability to make a difference. The people who live according to Alan Kay's famous quote "The best way to predict the future is to invent it".

Who are organizing reboot?

reboot11 is organized by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal with intellectual support from Nikolaj Nyholm, project management support from Torben Olander, graphical support from Tombola Cph and practical support from FDIH.

Who should I contact?

Write to or if you’ve got questions. The physical address and phone is:

+45 2670 1662

Who has spoken at reboot throughout the years?

Jason Calacanis, Marc Canter, Charles Contamine, Ed Dintrone, Cory Doctorow, Jason Fried, Dan Gillmor, Dave Gray, Justin Hall, Josh Harris, Scott Heifermann, Meg Hourihan, Harlan Hugh, Mark Hurst, Steven Johnson, Guy Kawasaki, Rasmus Lerdorf, Chris Locke, Peter Merholz, Jerry Michalski, Evan Neufeld, Tim O’Reilly, Bo Peabody, Howard Rheingold, Douglas Rushkoff, Andrew Sather, Nathan Shedroff, Carl Steadman, Jonathan Steuer, Jeffrey Veen, Evan Williams, Ann Winblad & Dave Winer, Dingo Johnsson.

Is reboot a professional event?

Yes, and no. Former participants will hopefully say that it was a good professional experience they got at the event, but reboot isn’t run by a professional events organization. It's done by peers, for peers.

Where can I see old reboot talks?

We’re in the process of trying to get all archive material online – stay tuned…


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