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Free Economies

changes in economic systems

The concepts of free stuff, reverse economies and voluntary transactions are getting a lot of attention again. Does it work and is it sustainable?

An exploration of the subject with a lot of examples and trying to find out what their significance.

What goods can be given away for free?
When do voluntary transactions work? What are the social norms and expectations?
What are the economic mechanisms for giving stuff away for free or having people set their own price?

A lot of questions with no definitive answers nor clear sides as to what is wrong and what is right. But –I think– very interesting and important stuff to talk about.

Most of the talks during this Reboot are concerned with free, economy, content and value. The scope of this talk suggests that I'll treat all of the above. That may be a bit too ambitious for one person, but join me in a discussion of the subject and let's help each other off to a good start for the rest of Reboot.

I have given a similar presentation on some other events, but a lot has happened in the mean time, so that is due to be updated and I work at a startup ( in this space, from which I can share experiences and numbers.

Links from the presentation:


Sound interesting!

I'll be here

23 June 08, 10:13 Minna Ritoluoma, 23 June 08, 10:13

I'm particularly interested in a look behind the scenes of Looking forward to this.

24 June 08, 22:06 Kars Alfrink, 24 June 08, 22:06

Free Economies changes in economic systems

26 Feb 14, 09:02 Denmark Denmark, 26 Feb 14, 09:02

All the free economies changes

All the free economies changes in the systems are very interesting. I am glad to join this discussion in reboot. I work with and always look for the best economic systems, i really hope this can be helpful to come up with great ideas.

25 Apr 15, 11:07 jewtim l, 25 Apr 15, 11:07


I think this is a wonderful concept to sort out the things that we can give absolutely free. But it should not affect the economy of any country. That is the main thing that we should be considered. Keep updating!

10 Sept 15, 06:18 Ben Johnson, 10 Sept 15, 06:18

Free Economies changes

it a good thing to get something fot free unless it doesent affect our economy as ben already said in his comment

19 Sept 15, 12:48 christina claude, 19 Sept 15, 12:48

Re: Free Economies changes

19 Sept 15, 12:49 christina claude, 19 Sept 15, 12:49