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Proposal | reboot10

a new logo for free?

co-creating a new company logo

some insights and learnings from spreadshirt's crowdsourcing project.

a "crowdsourcing 101" based on our experience with the OLP1.6.
take a look on the overview of the project here:


been there, done that ;-)

Having been through a similar situation regarding the logo, where we, too, used crowdsourcing in creating and finding our new logo for Mister Wong, I'd be interested in your experiences as well.

17 May 08, 14:43 Jodi Church-Wagner, 17 May 08, 14:43


soounds like fun, is it a new trend against design agencies or a new model for the digital boheme?

23 June 08, 18:05 Clemens Lerche, 23 June 08, 18:05