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reboot is rebooting and you?

A letter from Thomas:

dear rebooters,

doing a reboot festival is always a lot of work - and after 5 years without a break in the kettlehall exploring human, models, free, renaissance and action it's time for a break. for me a year without the pressure of doing reboot along a couple of dayjobs (perhaps stopping those grey hairs from appearing as rapidly?), lot's of time to explore what should be next for reboot (to reboot reboot as some have said, would love your input) - and most importantly for all of us, lot's of time to reboot the world!

so beware if it's of any importance to you, i'm pretty certain there will be a reboot12 at some point. it just won't be this year.

to make up for that - all videos from reboot11 is now online at and volunteers are working on getting videos from the last 10 years of reboot online in the coming months. (a lot to look forward to there imho).

would love to connect with you across the globe to figure out what's next for reboot. happy rebooting of the world in your reboot festival break ;).