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How to Bootstrap

Bootstrapping is an attitude much more than it is a way of financing a new startup. We'll be taking an inside look into the bootstrapping of a new business and the science of bootstrapping.

Theory & Practice on:
- Quitting your day job
- Consulting to make a living
- Development
- Passion
- Leverage
- Success
- Frugal living

Hopefully an inspiring session on how to take *the* decision and just do it.


What does it take to get to Carnegie Hall?

"hopefully" - let's issue a guarantee here ;-)

22 June 09, 03:50 Kim Bach, 22 June 09, 03:50

Luv the bootstrap...

Hi Andre,

It's the only way to fly, IMHO, for so many reasons, such as these: "At [bootstrap] startups it’s 'life or death,' not 'life or another Soy Chai Latte from the free coffee bar.'"

Looking forward to seeing you again!


22 June 09, 10:16 Christopher (Chris) Comella, 22 June 09, 10:16

Andre can't wait to see this in action

Inspiring stuff, and thanks for the contacts yesterday they are already working for us.


22 June 09, 20:31 Rune Sovndahl, 22 June 09, 20:31

Thanks for coming

Thank you all for being at the talk. I wish we had more time for discussion.

Slides for the presentation are here <a href="">How to bootstrap</a>

27 June 09, 11:58 Andre Ribeirinho, 27 June 09, 11:58

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