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from digital junk to digital art

Imagine that you could turn all the spam you receive into music? Instead of throwing your spam into the garbage can, you should transform it into songs. With simple tools that you find in all computers today it's actually possible. You don't have to have any musical skills. I will do an introduction to the ideas behind spamsongs, play a few of my own songs, give a demonstration of different tools ranging from text to speech to free music apps on the iPhone and found artefacts. The idea is to make a dogma and a community which will create a new type of sounds for the 21st century by turning waste into art. Think do-it-yourself, distributed bands, creative commons, language as a virus. The only limit is your own imagination. Come catch the new meme SPAMSONGS, work with it, share it - make it BIG!
The aim is to perform at least one song live together before we leave the room.

Please listen to a spamsong:


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