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June 26 - June 27 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark


reboot10 is an exploration of "free". "free" as in free information, free individuals, free societies, free markets, free products and services, free ideas, free minds, free to move, free software, free taxonomies, free culture, free knowledge, free to find our own way, free tools, free platforms, free minds - you continue the list...

Shifting from a world of pre-definitions, fixed structures, high costs to participate and living in the status quo - to a world of being free to determine, free to create, free flow, free to see things emerge.

"free" saturates what's happening in a world of digital decentralization - and the current fascination of "free" in the economic sense is a great validation of this deeper change.

But "free" is also an ambiguous term, always comes at an extra cost "there's no such things as a free lunch", is always in a constant state of flux "informations wants to be free, informations wants to be expensive" and is rather hard thing to get your head around.

So "free" is all around us and shaping us - perhaps it was time to explore it?.

Read more about "free" and contribute your thoughts and insights at

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People who spoke at reboot10

Howard Rheingold
Marko Ahtisaari
Stowe Boyd
Martin Ludvigsen
Dan Gillmor
David Weinberger
Sascha Pohflepp
Jerry Michalski
Thomas Vander Wal
Guy Dickinson
Noel Hidalgo
Tracy Fenton
Ton Zijlstra
Jyri Engeström

People behind reboot 10

reboot10 was organized by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal with intellectual support from Nikolaj Nyholm, project management support from Pernille Bach, graphical support from Katharina Birkenbach and practical support from FDIH.



free_ style
free information
free individuals
free societies
free markets
free products and services
free ideas
free form
free education
free speech
free (from) thought
free training
free minds
free to move
free software
free taxonomies
free culture
free knowledge
free to find our own way
free tools
free standards
free platforms
free minds
free birds
free newspapers
free music
free cellphones
free platform
free will
free love
free lunch
free flight
free flow
freedom fighters
free association
free, for a limited time only
free installation
free shipping
free at last
free 4 all
free 2 be
free jazz
free to do what we want
free as in beer
free Wi-Fi

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