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31. May - 1. June 2007, Copenhagen, Denmark

The theme for reboot9 is "human?". A big word, but a word that saturates what's happening and all ready on a deeper level has been transcending reboot the last couple of years.
We're connecting to each others as human beings once again. We're building tools to empower humans - not institutions. We're creating new iconic collaborative human manifestations. We're finding ourselves as humans and our human voices. We're humanizing our organizations and our socities. We're reestablishing links to nature we'd long forgotten. We're looking at the world together as humans - not as consumers or workers.

So when all is in going away from mechanical industrial models to human natural models where this is leading us?. What is our shared understanding of "human?". How do we organize ourselves in human institutions and organizations?. How are our tools shaping us as humans, how are we shaping our tools. Is it leading us to chaos without organization and government or nirvana?. What do we as humans want to happen, what can we imagine?

reboot9 is about looking both backwards and forwards. Backwards because history has a tendency to repeat itself but also for staying power of the discussions that we had at reboot8, reboot7 and earlier even. Forwards in order to predict by implementing and to obsolete the pretensions we forget to dismiss.

some images from reboot 9 more on flickr

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People who spoke at reboot9

Julian Bleecker
Ben Blench
Stowe Boyd
John Buckman
Jyri Engeström
Matthew Gertner
Matt Jones
Dannie Jost
Jesper Ronn-Jensen
Jesper Krogstrup
Ross Mayfield
Matthias Müller-Prove
Robert Paterson
Matt Webb