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reboot8 is a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us... 2 days. 400 people. A journey into the interconnectedness of creation, participation, values, openness, decentralization, collaboration, complexity, technology, p2p, humanities, connectedness and many more areas.
Applied towards us as individuals, citizens, teachers, culture workers, entrepreneurs, creators and change makers.

some images from reboot 8 more on flickr
People who spoke at reboot 8

Marko Ahtisaari
Peter Anderson & Murat Zubcevic
Tom Armitage
Adam Arvidsson
Julian Bleecker
Rebecca Blood
Stoew Boyd
Lee Bryant
James Cherkoff
Steve Cost
Jyri Engeström
Rasmus Fleischer
Jesse James Garrett
Bruno Giussani
Marc Goldberg
JF Groff
Ben Hammersley
Chris Heatcote
Mark Hurst
Dannie Jost
Jeremy Keith
Alexander Kjerulf
Bill Liao
Håkon Wium Lie
Maya Lotan
Hugh Macleod
Malcolm J Matson
Frank Meeuwsen
Loic Le Meur
Johnnie Moore
Ulla-Maria Mutanen
Michael Neutze
Nicholas Nova
Tim Pritlove
Mika Raento
JP Rangaswami
Doc Searls
Rick Segal
David Smith
TL Taylor
The Pirate Bay
Michael Thomsen
Matt Webb
Robert Willim
Ian Yorston
Ton Zijlstra