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calling all practical visionaries of the world!

it's time to act, time to focus on the act of acting, time to figure out where to begin the reboot. reboot11 is all about action, two days away from the status quo, two days with old and new friends trying to figure out how to reboot the world!

See invitation to participate, join the website and propose a talk, a session or a workshop. or just suggest what you'd like to see happen and support other peoples proposals and suggestions.

You can also share your travel tips on how to get to Copenhagen and what to do apart from participating in reboot11. and of course let the others know that you'll be there!

26 and 27 June, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark

reboot is a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us.

2 days a year. 500 people. A journey into the interconnectedness of creation, participation, values, openness, decentralization, collaboration, complexity, technology, p2p, humanities, connectedness and many more areas.

Applied towards us as individuals, citizens, teachers, culture workers, entrepreneurs, creators and change makers.

This years subject for exploration by all of us is "free" - as in free to flow, not only the price point free. Read more about "free".


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